For Beginners: How to turn your idea into a business?

Turning an idea into a real business is much simple that it sounds.

We know there are many aspects of the business that must be completed. But that first step could be the obstacle why many people just give up even before they start.

In this video post we’ll share three tips to help turn that idea into reality.

Podcast hosted by Gilbert.
  1. Switch your concentration and focus on your business goals.
    Don’t use a dollar amount as your main goal. Of course, we all want a few million dollars here and there, however, the purpose of having a solid goal other than the dollar amount goes far beyond a quick payday.

    There are many instances when you as a business owner won’t be able to make the amount of money you want at the moment, therefore, in those moments is when you need to think twice before quitting.

    Business people face adversity year after year, those who stay focus and persistent are the ones who make it.

    Instead of a dollar amount, you can start thinking about what would you do with that money.

    Have a clear picture in your mind of why are you really doing this.

    Having the right goal may be the difference between you quitting right before you make it big and you becoming what you expected.
  2. Start Taking Action
    You can talk and think all you want but if you don’t start taking action you will probably become one of those friends who are always dreaming, or no action Joe.
    Start by understanding how to work your calendar, your agenda.

    Every phone has a calendar or agenda you can use. Identify how many hours a day are you blocking to focus on your new business.

    If you have a fulltime then find some hours after you get out of your job and stick to it.

    At the beginning of every week write down your most important goals for that week and then make the habit of looking at your calendar at the beginning of each day.

    Your calendar will become your boss, put it this way if you don’t follow your calendar and complete each task you will be fired from your own business.
  3. Evaluate & Scale
    Evaluate all the ideas you may have for your business and once you see yourself week after week working in that idea then it’s time to start taking that idea into a real business.

    Part of your weekly routine should involve personal education and research. Creating that kind of habit will grow on you like a snowball.

    For evaluation purposes start by writing how much are you selling your products or services. Then subtract the amount that it will cost you to get your product in front of your customer or any costs that you have to pay in order to offer your services.

    If you end with less than 15% as a final profit for yourself, then you may want to go back and find other ways to increase that percentage to over 20%.

    Once you have a clear understanding of what type of business you want then start your business plan, keep following your schedule, and believe in yourself.

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