Tips To Improve Your eCommerce Sales

Your online presence is how you show your company’s image to others online. Every website, directory, social media account, business listing, article, tag, or ad is part of your online presence.

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Your website is part of your online presence, but for the purpose of this article, we can separate your website from every other online platform.

Keep consistency on all your profile designs, artwork, colors, and message. Add links to specific pages on your websites, these efforts will also help your SEO.

Shopify Users

Shopify has an integration for retargeting.

If you install a Facebook pixel or a Google retargeting tracking code you’ll be able to show your ads to people who visited your website. In fact, you can even show the same product they showed interest in.

WooCommerce Users

Add The Right Images To Your Product Page
The plugin Google Tag Manager For WordPress allows you to install the Tag Manager on every Theme update.

Magento Users

Add The Right Images To Your Product Page
Make sure you have more than one photo of your product. If you sell any kind of food then show a food stylist photo, if you sell shoes show different angles, if you sell clothing show different combinations and videos. Show as much details about the product you are trying to sell. This will increase your conversion rate immediately.