How Can Hotels & Tourism Related Businesses Bounce Back After Covid19?

The hotel and tourism industry has been affected the most or at least it is one of the top industries to be in the air. Let’s stop the bad news that everyone knows and start moving forward. In America we fight back and this is not an exception.

Let’s face it, as a business owner you have to make tough choices but overall we need to lead. Make sure you request all the help available at this moment in terms of business operations. Here are 3 recommendations to start thinking ahead and start taking the right steps towards recovery, but don’t let it be a recovery without a plan, make big plans to recover your losses at the end of the year.

Connect emotionally with your audience.

Use your social media accounts to start connecting with your audience. Rethink your content strategy and don’t post without a plan Every social media channel is different and users react differently to each individual social media channel. Find out the right tone and content for your audience and start a campaign to expand your audience. Perhaps your current audience is not the right one for your business once the restrictions are lifted.

Explore other audiences by behavior, interest, and demographics. Increase your spending in the awareness phase and brand exposure. The reason to increase the spending is that once the Covid19 restrictions are lifter then you can start an aggressive re-targeting campaign.

Start selling the dream.

Look at your content and start selling the dream vacation. If you have a tennis court at your hotel start showing what changes are you making to the court or any other attractions at your hotel.

You can invite audiences to a virtual Friday night happy hour, exercise near the pool, and show the possibilities. Make sure your agency or marketing team knows the new goal which is not registrations, in this scenario we are looking for engagement.

Allow users to make reservations five weeks from now.

Keep moving the date of the warning but don’t block the registrations or contact form. If you have to cancel a registration then you can always be prepared with a good counteroffer for later but at least you will keep the information of the user.

Leave all your channels open and share what drastic measures are you taking to make sure your attractions are safe. We will keep updating this article as things keep unfolding.