3 Tips To Improve Your eCommerce Website

On-Page SEO

DOWNLOAD YOUR INFOGRAPHIC NOW Start in your URL path. The URL path should already have the selected keyword. Make sure you have the right keyword for your page. What is the right keyword? That depends on your goals. If you are looking at a product page the name of the page should have the name of the product and this should include the keyword. Sometimes we can add the keyword in the category and then the product name under the product page.

Add more than a simple section with the product description and price. You can add How to use [KEYWORD] + [PRODUCT NAME], or [PRODUCT NAME KEYWORD] Benefits. If you add your keywords to your H2s and to your paragraphs you’ll have a better ranking in weeks. Add FAQs with a structure snippet to each page. Under each question add the keywords or related keywords.

Match Your Ad Titles & Graphics With The Landing Page

This could be more work on your end by it will improve your click-through rate. Make sure to keep the title of your ad with the same headline users see when they land on the assigned page. Let’s analyze the purpose of the search engines. Users type a keyword or term that they are looking for or require an answer. As a user, you expect the best result possible.

When a user starts to see a landing page that does not match the search query it downgrades the landing page score. Downgrading the landing page score in Google means that you will pay more per click. Keep it simple, you may need to make more Ad-groups and Ads.

Dynamic Re-targeting Campaign

Did you know that 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything? and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can bring them back. Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Woo Commerce, and other CMS include a re-targeting extension that will help you connect Facebook or Google and try to bring your users back.

This is what is re-targeting after all. If a user visited your home page, what would you like them to see next? The dynamic re-targeting campaign will show the exact product that each user was interested in. If you have the Facebook Pixel installed you can then show your ads on Facebook to users who visit your page.

You can also add the Google tracking code to use Google Ads re-targeting tools. Other good systems are AdRoll and Klaviyo.