Entrepreneur: Personal Growth First!

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Personal growth

This is part of the book “Naked & Walking”.

“It takes a strong character to build a successful business, so it is essential that you keep a weekly reading on personal development.”

Building a business has its ups and downs, but in the long run, if you can invest time in your personal grow no matter the situation you will end up better than when you start it all. Some successful entrepreneurs could even end up filing bankruptcy for their corporation, but no matter how the financial situation went at the end, their experience, contacts and even personal finances are in a better position than when they started their business.

You might think, how is that successful? Well, let’s say that you start a new company today, in the period of two years you meet around fifteen new clients, and five of them become regular customers of your business. When you open a corporation, those clients will do business with your company legally. You are an employee of your organization so if the corporation somehow has to close because of the economy, a law suit or any other reason; the company is the one who loses everything. If you took care of your personal intellectual growth, saved money, took care of those clients, built business relations with other vendors and even the competition you can say that you ended up better than when you first started the corporation.

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